Welcome to the International HPC Summer School


Toronto at night (picture courtesy of Wladyslaw Sojka (www.sojka.photo))

The eleventh International HPC Summer School planned to take place in Toronto, CA, in July 2020 had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The next International HPC Summer School has been planned to take place

from July 25 to 30, 2021 in Toronto.

However, as the pandemic situation continues,  planning has switched from an in-person event to a digital event.

To allow for participation from around the world with many different time zones, sessions of the agenda will be distributed over two weeks rather than only one:

from July 18 to July 30.

Students accepted for 2020 will be invited for the 2021 event, complemented by waitlisted students. A new call for applications for 2021 will not take place.

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